2017 Poster in Translation

There’s exactly two weeks to go until #bookgivingday, on Tuesday 14th February 2017.

With huge thanks to Marianne Dubuc, we have x3 translated versions of her International Book Giving Day poster.

French? Spanish? Italian? We’ve got you covered!

Not covered? Marianne Dubuc has also kindly prepared a blank version of the poster – to be used for the sole purpose of spreading the #bookgivingday word.



Spanish Poster – click to download (PDF)

Italian Version – click to download (PDF) 

French Version – click to download (PDF)

Punjabi Version – click to download (PDF)

Urdu Version – click to download (PDF)

Blank Version – click to download (PDF)

If you add your language to the blank version, please share on social media using #bookgivingday

Bookmarks for #bookgivingday 2017

It’s not long to go now until #bookgivingday, 14th February 2017. This is your chance to help get books into the hands of as many children as possible. Sharing the love of books on a day synonymous with love – what could be better??

To help you on your way, Marianne Dubuc – creator of the 2017’s official poster – has also created these beautiful bookmarks. Tuck them into the books you plan to give on #bookgivingday – they look amazing don’t they?!


Bookmarks – Click here to download printable version  – PDF

Don’t forget to share your plans on social media, using the #bookgivingday hashtag.

Coming Soon:

  • Translated version of the 2017 #bookgivingday poster

2017 Poster Reveal

We’ve been bursting at the seams to unveil this year’s magnificent poster. Every year I’m floored by how generous illustrators are with their time and commitment to this project – it means the world to us. It really does.

So here it is, in all it’s glory. The 2017 International Book Giving Day poster created by Marianne Dubuc, what an honour to have the fabulous lion and bird characters championing #bookgivingday.

#bookgivingday 2017 Poster - Marianne Dubuc

(Click here to download printable version PDF)

Hugest thanks to Marianne Dubuc. Marianne has written and illustrated many books for children which have been translated into more then 20 languages. She is the author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed The Lion and The Bird, plus Here Comes Mr Postmouse and Mr Postmouse Goes on Holiday (March 2017). She was born and lives in Montreal, Quebec.

Isn’t this year’s #bookgivingday poster magnificent?! We can wait to see where it pops up! Download it, print it and display it proudly – this is a poster that deserves to been seen!

Tweet us your pics of your posters in the wild using #bookgivingday

Coming soon:

  • bookmarks and bookplates from Marianne Dubuc, ready to put into the books you plan to give on #bookgivingday
  • translated versions of the poster

How To Get Involved

You’ve heard about International Book Giving Day. You love the idea. You’ve got some great quality books. What next?

This fabulous infographic has been created by Jo Ebisujima – Jojoebi, one of the IBGD team, to help you solve that very quandary.

Share your plans on social media using #bookgivingday



Refugees needing books

The refugee situation in France has been much publicised over recent months. Sara Stanley has been volunteering to help create a warm and safe place for the children who are there, this is her report. Details of how you can help on International Book Giving Day, are at the end of her post:


Sara Stanley in Grande-Synthe, nr Dunkirk

“Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk in France is currently home to almost 3000 refugees fleeing terror, poverty and war in their home lands of Iraq and Iran. This figure includes 300 children aged from 2 months to 16.

In November 2015 a two roomed shelter was constructed to house a larger school. This school is a space where learning through play and creativity can begin to return some normality to traumatic and chaotic childhoods.

We have developed one of the rooms to become a much needed calm, safe, warm space, a

sanctuary from the mud, cold and smoke of the camp. A place for mothers, children and babies to come and share books and play quiet board games. A place where adults can come in the evenings to improve their English, people can form groups for leisure activities such as knitting, reading groups and the children can come for a film or cartoons.

Our space is evolving with continuing donations of books from all over the world.

We are privileged to have been chosen to receive books for International Book Giving Day 2016. We would very much appreciate any of the following;

  • books in Farsi,Sorani Kurdish ,Persian or Arabic.
  • Good quality, high quality picture books
    Wordless picture books, especially copies of Shaun Tann’s The Arrival
  • Comics and magazines books for learning and improving written and spoken English.”

You can order a book for the refugee camp via the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre. This independent book store will hold the books for Sara, who will then collect, take and use them with the children at the refugee camp in Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk.

You can keep up to date with the work that is being done on the Dunkirk Kids Welfare Facebook page.


The Reading Room, Dunkirk