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No Act of Kindness

“Give a new book to a children who never own his private books.” -Peiyu, Taiwan

“We are going to give our gently used books to a homeless shelter. We will also give books to our friends and relatives and our school.” -The Farleys, U.S.

“I am a librarian here in Nigeria. I will have a collection box to donate to a local school or library.” -Rita, Nigeria

“As a school, we are planning on giving each one of our students a book. As a school with many vulnerable students, we recognize the necessity of putting books in kids hands.” -Scott, Canada

“I haven’t got my plan fully together yet, but I think I’ll give away books around Auckland in almost a “random act of kindness” way. I’ll see if my publicist can get me some airtime to promote IBGD.” -Dreydon Sobanja, New Zealand

“I’ll bring some books to our local clinic for the waiting room; and I’ll read stories to children at our public library story hour.” -Jan, U.S.

“Iskolámban könyvcserét szervezek az egész tanév során.” -Leczki, Hungary

“My 7 year old is currently sorting through his books to see which ones he can give to some of his friends. Last year we visited a theatre and left some books there, this year we will leave some at the local leisure centre.” -Lorraine, UK

“I will be donating a Pete the Cat book to one lucky Growing Book by Book reader and a second Pete the Cat book to the winner’s favorite charity/organization/school of their choice!” -Jodie Rodriguez @Growing Book by Book

“I will donate books to the children in need for books in my community and invite my customers as well to join the cause.” -Pinokio Bookshop, South Korea

“I am going to wrap up five of my books and put them in places, not hidden,  where people can find them. A small gift to anonymous readers.” -author Jackie Morris, U.K.

“We plan to donate an English language book to a local French creche for the children to enjoy. We will also plan a book swap for parents and babies at a pre-school music class that I run. It’s a bilingual group so we’re hoping for a mix of French and English books. We’re hoping there may be books left over that people may be willing to donate to the library!” -Becky, France

“As well as encouraging our staff and authors to participate, we’ll be giving away books for people to donate on International Book Giving Day!” -Allen & Unwin Publishers

“We are collecting new and gently used books to distribute to kids at a local Title I elementary school.” -Amy, U.S.

“Whole school initiative, encouraging staff and pupils to give a book.” -Lisa, U.K.

“I read to children at my local early Head Start Center every week and leave each child a new or gently used book to keep and take home with them. For International Book Giving Day I will give them each a book to keep and one for them to give away to another child in their home or neighborhood.” -Kathrine, U.S.

“A local library has had their budget cut drastically. Will donate a book to them as well as my church’s clothing ministry. They provide a free book for each child who comes to the center.” -Tami, U.S.

“Plan for a Book donation drive and distribute in various children homes and govt schools.” -Volunteer For a Cause, India

“Plan to make this an annual event at the schoolhouse by giving a surprise book away to a student/patron each year. Groovy!!” -Kim, U.S.

“Give books to local schools, day-cares, and after-school programs. We’ll probably drop a few off here and there around town, too–doctor’s and dentist’s waiting rooms.” -Book Bag Club, U.S.

“I plan on sending a surprise Australian book to friends in U.K. I’m also hoping to send some books to children I have worked with in East Timor.” -Karyn, Australia

“To celebrate International Book Giving Day, I’ll be offering the Kindle version of my picture-book for free, on Amazon, on February 14th.” -J.C., Canada

“My fourth grade classroom plans to donate books to a first grade classroom in our district. We will also collect other books to donate throughout the community. Personally, I plan to give my son books to celebrate as well.” -Katie, U.K.

“I set up TheRainbow Library for IBGD last year. It is still going strong and this year I plan to add more books to the current locations and give them a little bit extra..!” -Carmen, U.K.

“I wish to organize some event in my hometown to collect books from different nationalities. We could send them to their countries for the children who need them. That’s the idea.” -Patrycja, Ireland

“I am sending copies of my new picture book Justice pon di Road (Jamaican speak for Justice on the Road) to people in Jamaica!!! I met a young woman who worked at the airport and I am sending a donated copy to her young daughter Ravae! Also sending a copy to a dear friend and his young daughter. He heard me read the book during a trip in June and kept a bunch of promotional postcards to pass out and help me spread the word! I am excited about sending the book to Jamaica.” -Aliona L. Gibson, Jamaica

“I am sending 30 copies of a children’s picture book…to Books for Africa.” -Lisa, U.S.

“We’ll be donating books to one of our local book drives!” -Jacquie, Edventures with Kid

“Give and share my book with students at a local primary school to enhance their library resources.” -author Dimity Powell, Australia

“We have set a Facebook event up to invite everybody in Hungary to join in various forms (giving a book to a child, book swapping, leaving a book behind for children etc.). We keep people updated about the news and possibilities. We would also like to encourage interactions with the Hungarian children who live beyond the borders.” -Ildiko, Hungary (

“As a future maternity school teacher I will donate a book to my internship class (toddlers aged 3 – 4 years).” -Candy, Belgium

“Share with nursing homes and houses for families of ill patients. I will also leave some at a state rest area and around a couple of state parks.” -DogsMom, U.S.

“I’m donating to the wonderful Glasgow Women’s Library which now has a Brownie Pack meeting on its premises and would like to provide books for them.” -Anabel, U.K.

“We’re going to start an action: Give a book for Valentine’s Day, among our community and school kids of our school. On Valentines day were having a party and books sharing event with the school kids.” -Polish Saturday School in Mallorca, Spain

“Giving books is the best gift of all. I will give my books to my children, a new book to my students and  sharing a book at a public place for all to enjoy. Happy reading!” -Kristen, U.S.

“Scholastic Reading Clubs have a HUGE $1 book sale happening right now!  If you’re a teacher, look into it. If not, find one to ask about it!  I have ordered each of my 26 students a copy of ‘Sideways Stories from Wayside School’ and ‘Tuck Everlasting’. I can’t wait to give them their gifts, so much better than candy!” -Kristy, U.S.

“Each of our 11 library branches will leave several books in their community,  We will post photo clues of the books and encourage those who find it to let us know via Facebook and Twitter.” -Annapolis Valley Regional Library, Canada

“I will write a post on International Book Giving Day on my website and I will organize a storytime session in a primary school in Paris. I will read a picture book with little text as the session will be held during an English as a second language lesson.” -atelierstorytime, France

“We have 25 new books for little one to give to his school friends on February 14th.” -Frances, U.S.

“The Kids’ Bookshop will encourage EVERYONE to give a book on the day via their social media activity and newsletters. We will also be giving a book to our local schools for their libraries and make a donation to The Indigenous Literacy Foundation so that they can give a book to a child in a remote community.” -The Kids’ Bookshop, Australia

“Every book I receive for review is given to a local elementary school for the library or a teacher’s classroom library once the review is completed.” -KidLitReviews, U.S.

“Giving Peter Pan and Robin Hood to my beautiful boy.” -Charity, Canada

“I plan to buy at least one new book for our public library. Hopefully, I can buy 2 or 3.” -Susie, U.S.

“Organizing a class at Chilthorne Domer Primary School to give a book they enjoyed to a fellow pupil to celebrate the day.” -James, U.K.

“I’m a children’s church teacher and I’m including a book in every child’s gift bag for our valentine’s day party on Feb 16th!” -Elizabeth, U.S.

“We are doing a book drive for a children’s clinic (ages3-6)!” -Latoya, Jamaica

“Hello! I’m going to invite the library students to giving a book… We’re going to start on February 14th and go all the month.” -Raquel, Brazil

“Our local Library has been experiencing budget cut backs so I plan on donating a new book in memory of my beloved grandma, ‘Ana Angelica Badillo English.’  I figured this would provide enjoyment for the people who check it out to read it and it helps the library also.” -Angel, U.S.

“The school librarian went to the local radio and talked about this dqy, asking the community to donate books so that the school libraries can distribute them to other people and local solidarity institutions. Our plan is to keep receiving these donations during the whole year (we live in times of strong economic, social and cultural crisis – we believe that solidarity is needed not just giving food to the body but also to the mind and soul – if we want to have kids able to think, to imagine and to be willing to build a better world and future).” -Bibliotecas Escolares do Agrupamento de Escolas nº3 de Elvas, Portugal

“Donate a book to a charity and promote to students via the school library to take part in this thoughtful gesture.” -Jo, Australia

“Our Sanislo Elementary School library in Seattle keeps a great big table of donated new and used books for our students and families. We give them away at parent events, PTA meetings, as part of ‘citizen of the week’ recognition and on special occasions. Using International Book Giving Day is a great event, perfect for sharing something sweeter than candy, more delicious than cookies!  We’ll be giving every student a book on February 14th, 2014 so every student has the chance to hug a book and say ‘Be Mine!’  Check us out @Sanislo on Twitter, or on the web.” – Craig, U.S.

Giving books to relatives and donating our unused books as well.” -pseudocook, South Africa

“It will be much fun — giving books to public library, to grandchildren, and leaving some in the hospital waiting room.” -Carol, U.S.

— 2013 —

“I’ll be giving new books to my nephews.” -Steven, U.S.

“I will donate a book to Child @ Street 11, a non-profit organisation working with children facing challenges.” -Rosemarie, Singapore

“I’ve got a box of books to leave at my local shelter, and I’m going to leave a couple at my local coffee shop too.” -Blue Bear, U.K.

“I will donate several copies of my books to Union City Medical Center for their children’s waiting room.” -Author Patricia Polacco, U.S. 

“My kids will select a few books from their overfull bookshelves to donate to our local library.” -Yamini, U.S.

“I will leave a couple of my picture books at my local GP surgery, hoping that they will make for happier waiting for parents with small children.” -Author Pippa Goodhart, U.K.

“I, along with other members & volunteers for New Latino Visions and HERO, will be collecting books to hand out at homeless shelters, hospital, waiting rooms, etc. throughout the community on 2/14th.  Thanks for the awesome idea!” -Gloria, U.S.

“I decided, inspired for the International Book Giving Day, to do many actions with friends to give books here in Brasilia in public locals such as bus stations, subways, Botanic Garden and other places.” -Author Alessandra Pontes Roscoe, Brazil

“We’re an ethical footwear brand based in India. For every shoe sold, we gift a book to a child in India. For the International Book Giving Day, we have collaborated with Avalokitesvara Trust which creates libraries for children in isolated regions of Ladakh through their project Fountain of Learning. We are collecting books through our network of clients and stores to donate books to the Trust.” Ticket TO Timbuktu, India

“I’m going to give a book to a friend’s new born baby.” -Author Ed Vere, U.K.

“Organize a book drive through VFC @Bangladore(India) and try to set up a small library in a government school or children’s home.” -Suren, India

“We will leave one book somewhere public for someone to find.” -Fat, Australia

“I plan to go to three nursery schools and do storytimes and leave some of the books I have read.” -Marianne, U.S.

“I’m a third grade teacher, and I purchased a new book for each one of my students. I am encouraging them to bring in their old books so we can donate them to other kids who would love to read them!” -Megan, U.S.

“I plan to give away the books that my kids outgrew to a group of underprivileged kids.” -Parwatisingari, India

“Hall Mead School is promoting the event by suggesting that pupils bring in and swap books they love with a friend, teacher or a member of their family.” -Hall Mead School, U.K.

“I’ll be giving books to children whose homes were ravaged by floodwaters in Bundaberg, Queensland.” -Peta-Jo, Australia

“I will share this info with my book club, An Excuse for People to Get Together and Drink Lots of Wine, and we will try and get as many children’s books out there as possible.” -Stephanie, U.S.

“I am SOOOOO excited about this! I have just shared this project with my entire team of Barefoot Books Ambassadors and we are all (167) of us) going to participate! What an incredible idea!” Laurie, U.S.

“We have so many lovely kids books our kids have outgrown and many that could be useful in classrooms etc. We’ll be putting a stall out the front for local kids and investigating ways of donating overseas.” -Marty, Australia

“What a great event! I’ve shared this on my blog and am looking forward to bring books to a waiting room servicing the Native community here in Minneapolis.” jillsbooks, U.S.

“I will be mailing a couple of my French language books to a new children’s library in Senegal. I will also be shipping all the kids books I have written to a Children’s home/library in Nepal – one of the poorest countries in the world where illiteracy in women runs at 73%! I’m also giving away all my kids “baby” books to friends with young children. AND closer to home I will be offering reading workshops with book prizes and supplying free copies of my audio ebook to people who buy any one of my titles.” Author Sandra S. C. Arthur, France

“Donating books on kindness to the local elementary school.” -John, U.S.

“I am a mature student in an Early Childhood Educator Degree program.  I have printed bookplates for my class and I will challenge them to give a book away in our Leadership and Advocacy class.  I’m totally excited!!!” -Naiomi, Canada

Author Hazel Edwards gave two ebooks to 12-year-old Tayla Serpell who is just starting secondary school.

“I will give my books to local children’s services, such as health clinics, family centers at San Quentin Prison and daycare centers. I’m thrilled to be participating in International Book Giving Day!” -Author Jeanne Walker Harvey, U.S.

“I plan to take my boys and donate Barefoot Books to our local school and public library!” -Dena, U.S.

“Eli will be handing out books, instead of Valentine’s, to his classmates this year. He is in the fourth grade.” -Eli, U.S.

“I will go to the local hospital/retirement home (very small town) and leave some interesting and diverse books. Some will be easy reads, some will be more involved, ancient westerns, some will be autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction… I hope that I can find something for everyone from my collection. I so love books, but I think it is time to pass these onto people to read again, rather than me just wandering past the shelves and having fond memories of the stories.” -Lorelle, Australia

“I plan to donate children’s books to The Cafe in our community hub. Books to encourage parents to share a love of literature as well as food with their children.” -Heather, Australia

“I think I’ll not only donate some books to local schools, but also leave a book or two in a waiting room : )” -Author Peter H. Reynolds, U.S.

“I’ve just bought a couple of books from our local bookshop to donate to my son’s nursery school. The nursery, located in central London and run by the local authority, attracts kids from all social backgrounds and a wealth of ethnicities.  Every Wednesday they run a library day, when the children get to take twobooks home from the nursery’s collection. Some of the kids come from very deprived families and some have limited English, but the nursery provides them with the best possible start in life. I can’t sing its praises highly enough!” -Elli, U.K.

“I will take a stack of children’s books to the ice skating rink. There are always children who are not skating and would enjoy reading.” -Stacie, U.S.

“I’ll give a new book to each of my 4th graders and mail books to my nieces and nephews. Love this!” -Cassy, U.S.

“Sasquatch Books donated two boxes of picture books to Seattle Children’s Hospital.” -Sasquatch Books, U.S.

“I’m donating a couple of books to a school in Zambia through the Pelican Post program. Plus my daughter is donating several of her used children’s books to local medical offices and to the local school libraries.” -Steve, U.S.

“Our class has big plans for International Book Giving Day! I left the decision in the hands of my fourth grade students. They decided that they wanted to partner with a younger classroom of students to read to them and also surprise them with a book to keep. We found a first grade classroom at our school district that we will be visiting for the day to deliver and read our books. Our class started collecting books to give to the first graders and had so many that we had to come up with additional plans!! Students decided to leave some in waiting rooms when they have appointments this month. All of the extras we have are being donated to a community service project from our local Keystone State Reading Association branch called Laundry and Literacy. This project donates books to local laundromats for children to read while they wait with their families for laundry to be washed. Little does my class know that I also plan to surprise each of them with a book on February 14th as well to commend them for all of their charitable efforts and share the joy of reading.” -Mrs. Hartman’s Class, U.S.

“We’ll be donating books to our favorite orphanage.” -Jody, Malawi

“Reading stories for children at my center (House of Tales & Music) and visiting children in schools and giving books to children. I used to do that. It’s my work to encourage children to read stories as I am a retired teacher and librarian.” Rabeea, Jordan

“We will take a big pile of our gently used books to our local library. We will also find a home for some in a waiting room!” -Elisha, U.S.

I will be “giving books to my sons and donating gently used ones to Open Books, a used bookstore in Chicago. Happy Book Giving Day!” -Aimee, U.S.

“I will give a book to my child as well as to her teacher. We already have donated many  books this past month to a local charity for children who give a book with a week’s worth of clothes to childrne in need.” -Carrie, U.S.

“This is great. I’m hoping to convince my kids to share books with their classmates rather than Hershey’s kisses.” -Meike, U.S.

“Each branch in our region will anonymously place three gift books within their community as gifts of literacy.” -Annapolis Valley Regional Library, Canada

“I will leave some books in my local hospital waiting room . I’ve spent a bit of time there lately and I didn’t see any books but I did see very young bored, unwell kids who might find being read picture booksa comforting distraction.” -Author Sandy Fussell, Australia

“Give two or three Spanish language books to a local agency for those in poverty. Give a book to each grandchild. Donate a book to the local library; there is a good one they do not presently have.” -anonymous, U.S.

“I will leave at least one copy of my book in the waiting room of our community pediatric clinic.” -Annie, Philippines

“I will be giving books to my children and husband and I will be donating books to my child’s preschool and also donate some books to a local charity.” -Melissa, Australia

“This is the perfect ‘excuse’ to send books to my grand niece and nephew and to each of my friend’s four children. I LOVE sharing my favorites with a new generation. I will also leave a book in my doctor’s office waiting room…they have a nice little alcove with a table and chairs for little ones but very few books. Thanks for the GREAT idea!” -Terrie, U.S.

“We are doing a Valentine’s book exchange amongst students and staff at our school. Students will pick a name from someone in their class and pick a book from home they think their pick will like. On February 14th, we will exchange books.” -Elisa, Canada

“We are going to donate children’s books in the Radnoti Miklos Konyvtar / Miklos Radnoti Library, Budapest on the 14th of February in the afternoon. We would like children and other people to join: visit us, pick a book, and leave a book for the library. We are going to stay there for the afternoon to chat an colour together!” -Magyar Gyermekirodalmi Intézet / Institute of Hungarian Children’s Literature, Hungary

“Spread the word amongst schools, friends and book lovers when I go on school visits and book events.” -Author Sonja Chandrachud, India

“I am giving books away in my library and buying some new ones fro my sons.” -Andromeda, U.S.

“I’m going to give my three year old sister a book I once read. Well, maybe not completely give it to her, but read a chapter or so out loud to her. It’s not like she’ll understand Harry Potter, but it’s okay…” Nadia, U.S.

“I’ll put together all the books that my kids no longer read and donate them to a school for underprivileged children. It is something I have been meaning to do for a very long time, and, if I put a date to it, it is more likely to get done.” -Natasha, India

“Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP) collects used books for children in the United States and sends them to schools, day care centers and community libraries in impoverished areas in the Philippines. We establish mini-libraries. Our website is In the U.S. we are located in Massachusetts, NYC and San Diego. if you have books you would like to give us to send to the Philippines, please e-mail” -Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP), Philippines

“To give out as many books as possible to all children in my class as well as friends and families. Will also send a bunch of books to my son’s class.” -Andrea, New Zealand

“I have always given my old childhood books to the girls I used to nanny for – every time I had them they would ask what new books I brought. This year I plan to take some of the books (and the girls!) and drop of books at doctors offices, A cute little bookshop in my town, and our local library. I know that they can all appreciate the books, and I’m so excited for the girls to experience what it feels like to give things to other little girls and boys.” -Sara, U.S.

“Our doctors waiting room always lacks fun books to read. We will go and donate some there!” -Nataliya, Canada

“Giving children’s books to the public library.” -Constance, Canada

“We are giving away dozens of books and even collecting more books for distribution. Moreover, we are spreading the word throughout our community!” -Fort Collins Read Aloud, U.S.

“I am donating a book to an organization in Papa New Guinea that promotes children’s literacy.” -Jill, Australia

“We’re donating several children’s books to our local library for their Friends of the Library book sale.  Also donating books to a local school classroom.” -April, U.S.

“I’ll be flying on that day. I plan to give a book to a traveling child. I’m not sure if I’ll do it overtly or covertly…I’ll see what the day brings.” -Michelle, U.S.

“I plan to give signed copies of my books to kids. What a wonderful event this is!” -Author Janet Halfmann, U.S.

“My children and nieces will all be receiving books for Valentine’s Day!” -Erika, U.S.

“We will be giving away books from our branch libraries. Each branch will get three books to distribute around their community. We plan to wrap them up like Valentine’s and leave them around for people to find!” -Angela, Canada

“I am a children’s author with a number of copies of my first two published titles (now out of print) gathering dust on a shelf. I rather fancy annonymously  leaving them in various places, such as doctors’ surgeries etc.  I also regularly give books to friends and family.” -Author Jenny Mounfield, Australia

“I will leave my books and book giving day poster in my local GP surgery waiting room.” -Aneta, U.K.

“As part of our literacy project 1 Child 1 Book, we will be donating storybooks and reading with children in a school in Lagos, Nigeria. More on our project here:” -Tosin Jegede, Nigeria

“I’m a teacher, so I’ll be happy to inform my students about the International Book GivingDay, then give them a book myself and challenge them to do the same.” -Ioanna, Greece

“I will give books to the children of friends.” -Bev, U.K.

“Co-sponsor a book drive with my three sons’ Boy Scout Troop in support of/conjunction with a bookswap at the school media center where I play (work!)” -Edie, U.S.

“I will give books to my kids and nephew. I will also be on holiday in Hawaii so I will be looking for somewhere that needs some bilingual picture books!” -Perogyo, Japan

“I’m an author and illustrator sending books to a charity that collects educational aids for African schoolchildren. I  also plan to donate one of my books to the local library.” -Erika Pal, U.K.

“My Kindergarten teaching partner and I are giving a book to each of our Kindergarten students.” -Karen, Canada

“I’m collecting books for teenages and we are going to read in the library. In the afternoon I’m planning do read and share reading  with families who want to listen a book , I guess I’m reading ‘I like the books’ by Anthony Brown, and then we can make a craft about it.” Kabi, Mexico

“Students, teachers, and staff members of our school family will be encouraged to join in our book donation campaign. The goal will be to donate preschool and baby board books in English and Spanish to younger children not yet in school in hopes that the donated books will become the foundation for a home library.” -Julee, U.S.

“I will leave a book at a kinder for all the kids to share.” -Nadine, Australia

I will give to “a charity that collects books for the tsunami and earthquake survivors.” -Jo, Japan

“Neighborhood book box.” -Sharon, U.S.

“Donate to my children’s school.” -Rachel, U.K.

“I would like to donate to a child, leave one somewhere, and donate my time to my community and do some drawing with kids. A great time to encourage children to read and write a book themselves!” -Danna, U.S.

“This is such a great idea. I can donate my picture books — some to my local Doctor’s waiting rooms to start with… I’ll put the message out!” -Deborah Allwright, U.K.

“I shall be encouraging my son to go through his (many!) books and bundle some up to donate to others in the local area.” -Lorraine and Dylan, U.K.

“I work with children and the Child Writes program to take them through the process of writing and illustrating a children’s picture book.  These books are then published and a copy of every book is donated to locations where children are in crisis – neat eh!  Children writing for children supporting children.” -Emma, Australia

“I plan to donate some books to the children’s ward of a hospital. 14 Feb happens to be my birthday as well, and I’ll be 60 this year so it makes it even more meaningful for me:)” -Emma, Malaysia

“I plan to give books to my niece & nephew, donate a book to my church’s children’s library & maybe leave a book in a waiting room!” -Susan, U.S.

“I plan to donate books to the small rural library I visited as a child.” -anonymous, U.S.

“I run Blackwell’s Bookshop in Oxford, England. All of our staff will be encouraged to participate in whatever way they like. Personally I will be leaving books in various relevant places across town :)” -Euan Hirst, U.K.

“I’m organizing a whole school book swap.” -Donna, U.S.

“As a literacy consultant working with lots of schools, families and publishing companies I plan to actively promote International Book Giving Day to encourage as many people as possible to take part. I will be looking for children and organisations to donate books to, and I will be offering free workshops and seminars on the joy of reading!” -Abigail, U.K.

“I will be at a conference in a different city.  I will have to get very creative and leave a children’s book somewhere in San Francisco.” -Julie, U.S.

“Will be flying to Canada from Tel Aviv. I will give a book to a child traveling on the flight with me.” -Anna, Israel

“We’re planning not only to give books to each other, but also to donate books to low-income children in our area.” -Mary, U.S.

“Will donate book to local charity or our library” -Lisa and Feleke, U.S.

“We are holding a book drive at our dog training facility in Lombard, Il. Many dogs who call this their training home are also active library and READ dogs. The books we collect will be donated to a community shelter.” -Wiggles-n-Wags, U.S.

“I’ll be giving books to school libraries. And givingbooks to my grandchildren!” -Author Pam Torres, U.S.

“I will donate my book to our local library…and encourage others to do the same.” -Lindy, Australia

“We have 200 books we will be donating to various waiting rooms, children’s hospitals and child care centers.” -Author Debbie Burns, U.S.

“At Love Books (our shop) we’ll be collecting books for Salvazione school, an underprivileged school close to our community. They are going to come in and preselect so that our customers can buy them what they really need.” -Love Books, South Africa

“Give free books away outside our local post office.” -anonymous, U.S.

“My 3 daughters will donate their old books to our local community library…and give away a book to a friend.” -bookchattercath, New Zealand

“I’m leaving one copy on the train and another copy at the post office. I know that the right people will pick them up.” -Rune, Australia

“While I live in Sydney, Australia, I will be on a book tour in the UK on 14 February and plan to donate some books.” Jacqueline Harvey, Australia

“All pupils from our school will give a book to a friend or another pupil.” -Jolanta, Poland

“I am going to offer my children’s e-books (free) by link and  coupon code so everyone can give books to kids.” Laura Marshall, U.S.

“Two boxes of brand new books to be delivered to the Footpath Library at Brookvale — including kids books.” -Meredith, Australia.

“I love this idea!  Thanks for sharing it.  I sell Barefoot Books and plan to donate several to a local daycare center.” -The Barefoot Gigi, U.S.

“I am a school librarian and will encourage students to donate books to share with others.” -Donna

“I will donate books to SMART (Start Making A Reader Today).  This is an Oregon non-profit organization where volunteers read with children in the schools, plus each month the children receive two newbooks to keep.” -Carol, U.S.

“For the past seven years I have been giving my daughter (now 25) an autographed book by the author. The book is always about an animal of some sort since she is in veterinary school, her long time goal since she was 14. She looks forward to it every year.” -Tammy, U.S.

“I plan to do a little of each suggestion! Reading and creating narratives through imagination is SO important for personal growth, no matter what the age. I plan to give a book to a friend, leave abook as that seems like a GREAT idea – perhaps on a bus! And also donate a book. I hope to also encourage my friends and family to give books to me, I’ll round up all the books and then donate them to a low decile school library in my area.” -Kate, New Zealand

“I’m going to donate a book to one of my local schools.” -Trudie, Australia

“My school would like to have a book donation day. The books collected will be given to our school library.” -Himni, Indonesia

“Plan to invite kids from the neighborhood to come and pick up a book. And then start or promote their own book-sharing activities. Ask them to read out to children who can’t read.” -Mala, India

“I plan to send the children’s books I’ve written to 20 people — pediatricians for their waiting room, teachers who have won the 2012 Teaching Tolerance Award, and art teachers. I’m excited about this wonderful event!” -Jeanne Walker Harvey, U.S.

“I’ll do the three suggested activities. Plus, I’ll encourage my students to donate books to other kids who cannot afford the pricey books. I’ll post the poster in our school’s bulletin board too!” -tweetser, Philippines

“We will donate a set of our readers to local less privileged primary schools.” -Illustrator Peter Sanderson, South Africa

“Host an International Book Giving event at a local restaurant.” -Books for Kigutu, Burundi

“I am organizing an adopt a school library. I am collecting books and or any kind of donation and then I ask for volunteers to help me pack the books and then turn it over to the recipient school. We visit the school and then help them create a book shelves for the books to be displayed.” Charlton, Philippines

“We will leave three books in Cafe Fellini in Bad Nauheim, Germany.” Edition, Germany

“I’m an Independent Educational Consultant with a publishing company and the proud mom of two bookworms! We will be donating books to my daughter’s day therapy / preschool! I just LOVE this!” -Amy, U.S.

“We will be offering 20% off to all customers who buy books to donate between 2/8 and 2/15. We will collect books for Albuquerque Public Schools Homeless Student program and the Metro Juvenile Detention Center library program. And we have a fun Fancy Nancy party planned where we will encourage kids to be give a book in secret to someone they know.” -Alamosa Books, U.S.

“I’ll be giving books to the kids and donating some of my collections to the school library.” -Karen, Philippines

“We will get two new books for our girls, and we will pack up some of our outgrown boardbooks and take them to our thrift store.” -Jennifer, U.S.

“I regularly give second hand books to clients of my Speech Pathology practice. It’s pretty easy as my partner has a second hand bookshop.” -Linda, Australia

“Leave books in buses, subway, street corner, shopping cart…” In the name of Joy, U.S.

“Great idea! Good on you. I will be donating a box of my kids’ books to the Starship Children’s Hospital here in Auckland, New Zealand.” -Penny, New Zealand

“Read storybooks to underprivileged children in a government school and donate books written by me.” -Shoba Naidu, India

“I will place a few books in my local health centre, Hockley Farm Health Centre, Leicester.” -Josephine, U.K.

“We are having a book swap. Any books left over will be donated to our Friends of the Library for their book sale. We will also be donating many books to our regional literacy program here.” -Valarie, U.S.

I will give to “my school libraries  (I am a school librarian for a middle and high school) and my public library. I will also advertise the holiday through my school libraries and invite students to partake in giving/receiving.” -Sara, U.S.

“I will donate a couple of books to our local Elementary School and to our Strongstart program.” -Anne, Canada

“I’ll also do a giveaway at a local school.” -Author Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, U.S.

“I’ll be donating to the Brooklyn Public Library fund to replenish collections damaged by Hurricane Sandy.” -Erica, U.S.

“I will be donating copies of all three of my young adult books to the Denney Juvenile Justice Center school in Washington.” -B.A. Binns, U.S.

“All of the above sound like do-able options, but I happen to have a box of lovely books I’ve bought on a special too good to pass. I think these would make a good donation, and I know someone going to the Solomon Islands who can share the gift of reading for me.” -Author Kathryn Apel, Australia

“Will probably donate to a local school, but might come up with another plan…” -Author Dianne Wolfer, Australia

“Organizing book donation to school children in association with Parents Club and JCI in Kottayam, Kerala.” -Little Masters, India

“Will leave books at local market picnic tables where many families go to shop and eat, local laundromat (always tons of kids there, usually with nothing to do), leave books by a local elementary and middle school, since this is an area of poverty.  On the weekend I will leave books on buses and subways, at the stops and anywhere else I see.” -Marissa, U.S.

“We’re having a two-week book drive at school. Then, every student gets to pick a book to take home for keeps. The others will be donated to a local shelter for women and children fleeing violence.” -Maple Leaf School, Canada

“We’ll be having a Beers for Books event on International Book Giving Day in Tokyo!” -Gary, Tokyo

“I will be going to my local hospital and dropping off copies of my book in the waiting rooms at the doctor’s offices located throughout the hospital.” -Author Marybeth Harrison, U.S.

“I am going to be giving books to my two boys and my three nephews. I can’t wait to read them with them!” -Melissa, Australia

“I will be giving my little girl yet another book for us to share.” -Cathy, Australia

“I plan to donate books to the boys and girls club.” -Author Kai Strand

“Thanks to First Book, I have books for Pre-K through 6th grade. Working on some for 7th and 8th grade.” -Ann, U.S.

“Giving a book to my niece!” -Suzanne, U.S.

“We are giving children’s books to any Calgarian with a registered Little Free Library.” -Calgary Reads, Canada

“Most of our books go to the March Elementary Book Project in Easton , PA .
Being a title 1 school with nearly half the student body on free and reduced lunches we give gently used donated books away to our students whom otherwise wouldn’t have books in their own “home librbaries” to enjoy. The children are thrilled to receive books that they get to keep.” -Kate, U.S.

“I am a librarian and have some books we no longer use, as well as some wonderful new books. I will give them to our local doctor’s waiting room.” -Kimbra, China

“Donate a signed copy of my book to Cocoon House, a safe place for homeless teens in Snohomish County.” -Author Mindy Hardwick, U.S.

“I am gonna release some books ‘on the wild’ for other people to find and read, give books to friends and donate some at the street swapping bookshelf near my house.” -Yiannis, Greece

“I purchased two books for my daughter that have long been on our wish list.” -Jen, U.S.

“Going through our book collection and saving those in really good condition to hand down to friends in my daughter’s Daisy (Girl Scout) troop, and my friend’s daughter Gaia who is a year younger now in Kindergarten. The rest will go to the Salvation Army as a donation.” -Nancy, U.S.

“I’m going to leave Amy Dyckman’s BOY + BOT in the waiting room at a local pediatrician’s office.  I hope this fun story will help take kids’ minds off of being sick!” -Nancy, U.S.

“My program will give out 200 free books to children attending a community block event.” -Charlotte, U.S.

“I will donate my commission from all the Usborne books bought from my website at between now and February 16th to Room to Read. I will also give some books to some special children in my life!” -Bethany, U.S.

“Going through my books with my mom and giving away the ones that I have read!” -Roman, U.S.

“I’m going to read to my preschool student’s class and donate a signed book to their library.” -Author Lori Degman, U.S.

“Sending a box of children’s books to Adopt a Book.” -Patsy, U.S.

“Leaving many books in the playground!” -Paint a Book, Thailand

“We are donating books in Spanish to our godson in Nicaragua for him to read and share with others.” -Katrina and Stanley’s grandparents, Nicaragua

“I bought a copy of the picture book Rachel Carson and the Book That Changed the World and am going to donate it to a local elementary school named after Rachel Carson.” -Kerry, U.S.

“I’m sending a book to my 3 year old great-nephew. Wonderful idea.” -Jane, U.S.

“I’m sending out ten signed books for public and private school fundraising events.” -Sherri Duskey Rinker, U.S.

“I bought some books today and have dropped them off to be collected for our local women’s refuge. They have a little library for the women who are staying there.” -Emily, U.K.

“I plan to leave ‘I Want to Be Somebody New!” by Robert Lopshire in a medical clinic waiting area – with a bookplate mentioning International Book Giving Day. Thank you for raising awareness about the importance of books in children’s lives.” -Debbie, U.S.

“I’ll be giving free books to preschoolers who visit my store that day!” -Gayle, Canada

“I am going to give a book to my daughter (3) and I am also going to ask her which book she would like to dontacte so I can take it to the doctors surgery waiting room in return for other children to enjoy.” -Leigh, U.K.

“We give away books everyday. People can visit us for a free book. We put them in public areas like laundry mats, doctor’s offices and job training offices.” -Family Literacy Center, U.S.

“I am an English teacher at a Primary School “Knyaz BorisFirst”.in a town,called Shumen.On the 14th of February the students from our club ‘Using English is Fun” will have a representative performance! We will make some mini books with adapted fairy tales/Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty,Cinderella,…/and will donate them to the school library.I found these tales in the internet a year ago and I printed them.Last month the children translated some of the tales in Bulgarian.On Thursday we will  have a lot of guests and I will tell them about International Book Giving Day!There will be a book /The emperor’s new clothes/ for everyone of the members of our club!There will be a mini book for every child,who will be a guest of our performance! I hope that it will be the beginning of celebrating  the International Book Giving Day in our school,our town,our country!!!It was a gret pleasure to read all about this celebration!!! I used all of your posters and pictures/we made an ad and some invitations using them/! Thank you for the ideas! I hope our performance will be interesting and very funny for our guests and my students!” -Darinka, Bulgaria

“We plan to donate books to local schools as well as leave books in waiting rooms. Wherever we see a good place to leave a book or two, we’ll leave it there! ;-)” -Book Bag Club, U.S.

“The sixth grade in our middle school will learn about International Book Giving Day and bring books to give to other students and teachers. The librarian will give a presentation about the importance of International Book Giving Day. We are very excited because this is our first year celebrating!” -FMV Özel Ayazağa Işık İlköğretim Okulu Kütüphanesi, Turkey

“Donate a parcel of books to the children’s ward at Cairns Base hospital.” -Napranum Pal Group, Australia

“I’m the creative director at Little Bahalia Publishing, and we’re going to go all around the city & suburbs of Milwaukee to distribute picture books from our inventory… for free!” -Stacey Williams, U.S.

“I am excited to donate my new chapter book to my local library!” -Miriam Glassman, U.S.

“We are offering a 25% discount on children’s books that day.” -Pioneer Bookshop, U.S.

“We will be raffling books during our school event on the 14th.” Jerson, Philippines

“We are giving books to children’s school classroom. We are also giving books as Valentine’s presents to the teachers.” anonymous, U.S.

“I pledge to give a book to my 12-month-old daughter!” -Kerry, U.S.

“In our school we will be giving all year 9 pupils a free book to take home and read. We also have ‘book swap’ boxes in the staffroom, canteen and hall for staff and pupils to swap books. Pupils will also be giving each other books.” -Levenshulme High School, U.K.

“I’ll be leaving books on park benches and playgrounds in my area.” -Shannon, U.S.

“Go through our books to donate to the pre-school project as promoted by” -anonymous, South Africa

“Donate books. Put up a poster, stickers etc.” -Margaret, U.S.

“I’ll be stopping by an elementary school library to donate a copy of my book.” -B.G. Hennessy, U.S.

“Will donate a Tin Tin book so others can discover the wonder of Herge, and give a book to a friend.” -James, Australia

“This is wonderful! I have a pile of books that my children have outgrown, and I will use this opportunity to donate them to needy children in my village. Thanks for this reminder.” -Leila, South Africa

“We’re donating books to our local schools!” -Mindful Parenting Magazine, Australia

“I have just wrapped up three brand new quality children’s picture books and will secretly leave them at the local kindergarten today. I hope they bring some joy to the kindy children.” -Gwen, Australia

“I wrote and illustrated a children’s book and I will donate it along with books my daughter has outgrown to children in the Dominican Republic.” -Andrea, Dominican Republic

“One of the best days of my life was the day I received my very own library card.  I was five years old.  My mother passed her love of reading on to me and I have done the same with my kids. They were THRILLED to received new books for Valentine’s Day from me this morning.” -Marcie, U.S.

“I will donate a box full of books to an orphanship care house in my neighbourhood. In spirit of Valentine´s Day, I must include some candies and chocolate too. Warm up their hearts and mine.” -Carrie, Brazil

“I gave some books to people who work at the place where I live in. All of them said that reading is not part of their habits, but this unexpected gift made them more interested in it. I hope these books bring to them such a great time as they’ve done to me. I donated books I read and loved!” -Renata, Brazil

“Send my niece a book!” -Corey, U.S.

“Donating books to my son’s daycare for all to enjoy!” Michele, U.S.

“Leaving a box of children’s books at the women’s and children’s center.” anonymous, U.S.

“At our high school library, we have a cart of donated books for students to choose from and another cart for our staff.” -Connie, U.S.

“I left 5 copies of WONDER out on the counter of a local cafe this morning. The note on each books says “Yes, this book is for YOU. Take me home, read, and then share the book with a stranger” Happy International Reading Day.  According to the owner, the books were taken within an hour…but one man is sitting sipping coffee and reading it there – with intentions of leaving it back where he found it – along with the same note.” -Kim, U.S.

“I work at a public library, and today I will be visiting classes at the local elementary school for storytimes and giving away books.” -anonymous, Canada

“I got a book from my school librarian Miss Castle.” -Ahmed, U.K.

“I’ll give a book to the elementary school where I studied when I was a child.” -Lilian, Brazil

“I’m going to give books, donate books and write books.” Nora, West Bank

“We will have a book distribution event where each child in our After School Program will get to select two books to keep and enjoy at home.” -The Reading Team Inc., U.S.

“We had a great day today at the small village of Vila Boim (Elvas, Portalegre, Portugal) and its school: teh school library offered more than one hundread books by leaving them in many different places inside and outside the school. The children loved it and the grown ups also liked it and had a very favourable opinion. We hope to repeat this day next year and will start immediately to gather more books to offer (hopefully more than…two hundred!).” -Teresa, Portugal

“I gave my daughter a book on Valentine’s Day whose main character name is the same as her. The title of the book is, The Apple-Pip Princess. After she read it she ran around the house saying, “I ruled the kingdom, I ruled the kingdom!” It is the first time I have ever come across a book with the protagonist’s name the same as my daughter’s, Serenity! Serenity, my daughter loved it! She loves all books as well. Happy Reading!” -Lyndsay, U.S.

“I actually left my book yesterday while we were at the doctor’s office.” -Angie, U.S.

“The Sanislo Elementary School library coordinated with local book seller to have books available to give to all students. At winter break, and again today students chose a book to give a “secret friend” in their class. Each student K-5 went home with something a bit more lasting than Valentines Day sweets.  Thanks to Book Giving Day’s inspiration to time the giveaway today…here’s to many more!” -craigeasholes, U.S.

“I’m on the library committee at my daughter’s school, and for Int’l Bookgiving Day we also started a micro library  — a sweet and simple bookshelf in a staff room. Parents and staff are welcome to “borrow” books and donate them, all on the honour system. We set out free bookmarks, and are hoping to add a bulletin board for reviews, comments, and more.” -olugbemisola, U.S.

“Our school (Kindergarten to Year 6 students have been asked to donate books which will be sorted by the Library Monitors and myself (Teacher Librarian) based on suitability for donation to local children’s hospitals and special schools in Sydney.” -Mount Colah Public School, Australia

“I will give a book to one of our neighbor’s child who doesn’t have the means to have books. I will give him the book “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.” -Ma. Charinna Jumel L. Lee, Philippines

“I am having an e-book give away on my blog. Its an adventure/fantasy novel for preteens.” -jaajaabor, Canada

“We have donated a bag of books to a group of African children receiving care in a cancer unit. We read aloud funny or interesting excerpts of the books we are reading at home, sharing bits of very different books, adults and children alike. We went to our local public library and selected books for our friends and family. Afterwards we built a group quiz, each member contributing with questions and answers according to different themes: for instance, one of the books included quite difficult words or unknown animals… we have created a new story and illustrated it! It became a new book we shared with everybody.” -Paula Pina, Portugal

“Donate a book to a local dentist office.” -Deetee Reads, U.S.

“Gave a book I’ve written to a pharmacist assistant. She was always there for our family. My reward, a big smile. She enjoyed it!  And she isn’t truly a patient reader. Yes! What an accomplishment!” -J. Hale Turner, U.S.

“Hi, My name is Kendra Alexander Hager, owner of Read About Me! Personalized Children’s Books. My online bookstore Read About Me! Personalized Children’s Books and the 4th grade class of Texas Christian School in Houston, Texas donated “The Boy Who Grew Flowers”  written by Jen Wojtowicz, illustrated by Steve Adams to the school library this past February 14th in honor of International Book Giving Day 2013.  The children signed the bookplates that I printed from your site.  I read the story to the 4th grade class before we made our donation to the school’s library. It was fun and the school really appreciated the book donation.” -Kendra Alexander Hager, U.S.

Let us know how you are celebrating International Book Giving Day by filling out this short form (best option) or by sending an email to amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com. Those of you with blogs are also invited to participate in our International Book Giving Day blog hop

4 thoughts on “Stories

  1. Hope Chennai Public Charitable trust is a Non-Profit organization located at
    Ambattur, Chennai, India. Our organization strives to “Promote the living
    conditions of challenged community by providing Special Education, Vocational
    training and Rehabilitation services”.
    Donate to children in need


  2. God is Good . Im lea Ruby a public teacher from Philippines im searching for any ministries who is willing to share some educational and Bible stories books for me to share ad give to the kids in our Barangay Cumawas Bislig City surigao del Sur Philippines …This coming May will be our Flores De Mayo Activity .. I wish There is Someone out there can read my message . thank u so much ,,,


  3. I organised a book swap at the school where I work and was astounded by the excitement and the number of really lovely books that came in. There were literally hundreds left over to donate to schools and other local organisations working with needy children. And every child in our own school participated – the buzz was just fantastic!

    and organisations


  4. I have organised my team at work and encouraged them to sort through their old children’s book too. We have donated several bags to our local children’s hospice charity shop


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