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“I went to Westwood Elementary School in Los Angeles and was able to give a pile of my books to Isabelle Fisher, a second grader. These books will go into the school library.” -Author Barney Saltzberg, US

Phil Moore (of Bowerbirds) leaves Bedtime for Frances by Russell Hoban in a waiting room, while a boy watches suspiciously. -Musician Phil Moore

“We are trying to organize a ‘book giving day’ where we live.” -Handan, Turkey (It looks like they were successful!)

A South African family (Mom blogs at SeVen) requested book donations to create a school library in Lesotho.

“International Book Giving Day is supposed to be about giving to others. Instead, I find it has become its own gift to my family. I’m watching my children turn from (too often) me!me!me! people into generous little souls. They’re imagining who might get their books. They’re smiling and they feel good.” -Alison, US

“I dropped off a book today to the local medical centre for their waiting room. What a lovely idea. They were chuffed.” -Author Katrina Germein, Australia

“Books wrapped and ready to go to 1st, 3rd and 4th classes – 46 in total. Amy (on the right) got a book from her school for bringing in 20 books for her classmates. Emma’s (middle) teacher spread the word and so Emma came home with 2 books from 2 friends. Charley (left) gets a book from Mams ‘stash’ so happiness all around!!!!!” -Grace, Ireland

Author Vivian Schwarz donates books for International Book Giving Day.

Author Todd Parr donates books to Head Start to celebrate International Book Giving Day.

George & Martha –> Great Clips waiting room

For International Book Giving Day, we made bookplates for the books we are posting to Lesotho. -Mom at se7en, South Africa

Spanish language books donated to local food shelf / family resource center.

“I’m taking a pile of books to a local pediatrician’s clinic where kids can browse, enjoy and read (or be read to) while they wait for their parents outside the doctor’s room.” -Rashmie, India

Books for a doctor’s office.

“We’re giving books to MICA for the Headstart program or for any kids that come to the food pantry.” -Monica, US

Leaving books in a waiting room in France.

Books donated to a doctor’s office.

Scouring bookshelf for used books to donate.

“Will be donating books to my public library and sending a couple to one of my husband’s workmates little girl. Brilliant idea ;o)” -Bev, UK

“I’ve made a donation to The Book Bus because it’s so completely fantastic. And I had a little sort through my bookshelves. Like lots of author-illustrators I guess, I have lots of new books lying around…So I assembled a little goody bag of books for the doctor’s waiting room in the neighbouring street, where I have sat with my children for many boring, worrying hours over the years.” -Author Clara Vulliamy, UK

Anabel donated the proceeds from the sale of her mother-in-law’s VW to Book Aid International. -Anabel, UK

“Will be giving books to my daughter and donating to a public library.” -Sebnem, Turkey

“I have ordered ‘I Want my Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen and ‘There are No Cats in This Book’ by Viv Schwartz to add to the Volunteer Reading Help stock…For book giving to my own pair, we’ve shared the Love at the library this morning.” -Polly, UK

School book swap.

“Feb 14th gave us the perfect excuse to gift many of the beautiful books we have been given for review. Various books went off in different directions that morning … school, kinder and friends. The children have taken great pride in handing the books over, explaining what this is all about and watching others enjoy books they love. We were even more chuffed to learn that a local school plans to take this up as an annual event too! Perfect.” -Emma of The Book Corner, Australia

A covert book drop.

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