Celebre el día internacional de la donación de libros!

Célébrez la Journée internationale du don de livres!
अंतर्राष्ट्रीय पुस्तक दिन देने सेलिब्रेट
Celebrate International Book Giving Day on February 14th!

International Book Giving Day 2014 poster (.pdf)

This year’s International Book Giving Day poster was designed by Hungarian designer and illustrator Mariann Maray. Please, help us invite people around the world to celebrate International Book Giving Day by sharing these posters.

español . Spanish


cartel español (.pdf)

français . French

International Book Giving Day poster_French

affiche française (.pdf)

Türkçe . Turkish

Türkçe poster (.pdf)

Türkçe poster (.pdf)

हिंदी . Hindi


हिन्दी पोस्टर (.pdf)

русский . Russian

International Book Giving Day poster_Russian

Русский сайт (.pdf)

日本の . Japanese


日本のポスタ (.pdf)

Nederlands . Dutch

International Book Giving Day_Dutch

Nederlandse poster (.pdf)

magyar . Hungarian

IBGD poster_hungarian

magyar Plakát (.pdf)

italiano . Italian

International Book Giving Day_Italian

Manifesto italiano (.pdf)

čeština . Czech

ibdgposter2014 basicoCZECHO

Český plakát (.pdf)

polski . Polish

ibdgposter2014 basicoPOLISH

Polski plakat (.pdf)

norsk . Norweigan


norsk plakat (.pdf)

român . Romanian


poster română (.pdf)

Lietuvos . Lithuanian


Lietuvos plakatas (.pdf)

Deutsch . German


Deutsch Poster (.pdf)

Català . Catalan


cartell català (.pdf)

български . Bulgarian


Български плакат (.pdf)

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