2019 #BookGivingDay Posters

The much anticipated moment has arrived… the 2019 posters.

Over the years, amazing professionals have designed and created their artwork for FREE. That’s huge. I’m incredibly grateful. So, for 2019 I’ve selected two posters from the archives.

Because, they are amazing.

Because, I can’t wait to see them across the globe this year. 2019 is going to be massive.

So… download, print and display your posters. Take a picture and tag us & the artist on social media.

{Click here to download printable version (PDF file)}

Created by @chrishaugton , and used here with kind permission from Children’s Books Ireland.


this glorious poster from Priya Kuriyan. One of our very first posters and it’s available in five languages!

{Click here to download printable version- English (PDF file)}

Priya’s poster is also available in Portuguese, French, Spanish and Hindi.

International Book Giving Day  poster – Portuguese (pdf)

International Book Giving Day  poster – French (pdf)

International Book Giving Day poster – Spanish (pdf)

International Book Giving Day  poster – Hindi (pdf)


Looking forward to seeing your posters… EVERYWHERE!

11 Replies to “2019 #BookGivingDay Posters”

  1. Hooray for Book Giving Day! So wonderful to see you’ve done it again Emma. You are an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing the different ways books are shared in 2019.

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