Bookmark & Bookplate for #BookGivingDay 2018

14th February is fast approaching.

Elys Dolan, official illustrator for #BookGivingDay2018 has created a wonderful bookmark and bookplate.

These are FREE to download, print and tuck into the books you gift on #BookGivingDay.

Tag us – @bookgivingday & @elysdolan – on Social Media so we can see what you’re up to!

Bookplate Elys Dolan #BookGivingDay

{Click to download printable version (PDF file) }


#BookGivingDay - Bookmark - ElysDolan

{ Click to download printable version (PDF file) }

4 Replies to “Bookmark & Bookplate for #BookGivingDay 2018”

  1. Our child care has asked the children to brig in books they no longer want. With the pile of books we have received, we decided to have a book sale. with the money from the book sale, we will buy new books and give them to a not for profit community centre, in our town. The children are very excited to buy books for centre. They already know what books they want to purchase. Who knew such a small gesture would get everyone so excited.

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