Spotlight On: Page Ahead

A warm welcome to Susan Waller, from Page Ahead, who has popped in to tell us more about the work they do …

We are thrilled to be part of International Book Giving Day – thanks for helping us give kids in need the chance to read!

Page Ahead gives kids in need the chance to read!

“I love my book so much I look at it every day.”

Page Ahead is the leading children’s literacy program in the U.S.’ Washington State. We have given more than 2 million new books to 715,000 children in need since 1990. Our books get kids excited about reading, and give them the resources they need to read more.

When school started this year, we heard from a teacher about how our summer reading program, Book Up Summer helped one little boy:

“Juan Carlos started second grade this year – and his reading jumped 5 levels over the summer! We couldn’t believe it! When I asked him how he got so much better over the summer, he said he ‘read all the Book Up Summer books over and over all summer long.’ This is huge success!”
Linda Wheeler, Librarian, Beverly Park Elementary, Seattle, WA, USA

Page Ahead believes that when children get to choose their own books, they read more, and become better readers. Simple! And the better they are at reading, the better they do in school. And the better they do in school, the more likely they are to stay in school and graduate.

“Last year one of my 1st grade students picked a book that her teacher said was too hard. But it was the only book she wanted so I let her take it. This year she came in bubbling about how she was on chapter 6 of that book, she’d been reading it all summer! She was so proud of herself! She wanted it and it was just the motivation she needed! At the last Page Ahead book give-away, she told me that she’d finally finished the book. Proof that if the child chooses the book they will read it, no matter how long it takes.”
Jackie McKenna, Central Elementary, Skagit Valley, USA

How you can help:

  • Visit our website to make a secure online donation
  • Do you live in Washington State? Are you interested in reading with children? Call Jacki to find out about becoming a Story Time Volunteer! 206-461-0123.
  • Donations of new books can be dropped off or mailed to our office in Seattle at Page Ahead, 1130 NW 85th Street, Seattle, WA 98117.

“I really wanted a book so bad! I forgot to say please, and thank you! Thank you. Love books. PS Write back.”

One Reply to “Spotlight On: Page Ahead”

  1. I’m really happy to be involved in International Book Giving Day. In addition to my blog, Dollhouses, memories and more, I will be reading to 25 children on February 11th and giving each one a copy of my book Emerson’s Attic, The Blue Velvet. Thanks to Pragmatic Mom for alerting me to this very worthwhile program. Best to you and your followers.


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