Gus Gordon designed bookplate

A huge thank you to Gus Gordon today!

Creator of the most divine (and awarding winning don’t you know!) Herman & Rosie, and a list of books longer than your arm, Gus has designed this wonderful book plate for International Book Giving Day 2015.

Download, print & tuck into the books you are gifting on 14th February.

Remember – post your pics from the day on  Facebook or Twitter (tag us and use #giveabook).

Gus Gordon Bookplate

 Click here to download printable (PDF) version

Now’s the time to get planning …. which books will these be going into & where will you be leaving them? How are you going to help make 14th February a wonderfully bookish affair?

I LOVE the idea of sneaking into waiting rooms and leaving for them for unsuspecting children to discover and enjoy when they most need them.

Coming up;

  • a fabulous quirky book plate from one of my favourite picture books creators of last year
  • Results of our competition with the 52-Week Illustration Group.
  • guest posts from book charities

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About Emma Perry

Picture book writer, represented by Bell Lomax Moreton. Founder of My Book Corner, organiser of International Book Giving Day. Proud member of the Golden Egg Academy, busy scribbling stories of 500 words.

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