Book Aid International: Give a Book, Give a Future

Meet Rahmatu. Against all odds, she made it into secondary school, something only one in five girls do in Cameroon. Every day she takes a book home and reads to her siblings, something her parents could never do for her.

Stories like Rahmatu’s are made possible by the support of people like you for Book Aid International. We’re a small international charity that sends books to communities across sub-Saharan Africa.

Every book we send travels to readers in libraries for schools, villages, cities, hospitals and refugee camps. Thanks to our supporters, we’re doing our best to transform the lives of children and adults in these communities. And with the continued support of people like you, we’ll continue to make a difference.

This International Book Giving Day you can help be part of that difference for children like Rahmatu. To find out how and to learn more about our work, visit our website.

About Emma Perry

Picture book writer, represented by Bell Lomax Moreton. Founder of My Book Corner, organiser of International Book Giving Day. Proud member of the Golden Egg Academy, busy scribbling stories of 500 words.

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