Bookplate & Poster from Karl Newson

Oh Foxes are so on trend at the moment!!

So what could be better than a beautifully foxy bookplate to add to our collection for International Book Giving Day?

This wonderful bookplate, and accompanying poster, have been generously created by Karl Newson. Love the detail on that book!

Share. Download. Print. Affix to the books you plan to gift on International Book Giving Day 2014.

Karl Newson Bookplate

Karl Newson Bookplate – Click to download (PDF)

…. and take a look at this poster ….

Karl Newson Poster

Karl Newson Poster – to print (PDF)

Make sure you have registered your participation in International Book Giving Day right here.

Follow us on Twitter. Use #giveabook to show us what you are up to on the day. We want to see those pictures!

About Emma Perry

Picture book writer, represented by Bell Lomax Moreton. Founder of My Book Corner, organiser of International Book Giving Day. Proud member of the Golden Egg Academy, busy scribbling stories of 500 words.

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