Tim Budgen Bookmarks – Exclusive!

I absolutely adore Tim Budgen‘s illustrations, and was more than a little excited when he happily agreed to design a bookmark for International Book Giving Day.

Well, we couldn’t decide between black & white, or, colour.

So guess what?

You get both!!

Print, download & tuck into the books you plan to give on 14th February.

#bookgivingday Bookmarks designed by Tim Budgen

 Tim Budgen Bookmarks – print (pdf)

Make sure you have registered your participation in International Book Giving Day right here.

4 Replies to “Tim Budgen Bookmarks – Exclusive!”

  1. Tim’s bookmarks are lovely! Thank you for sharing them with us. A thought….it would be nice if they were laid out in landscape and 4 to a page so the paper isn’t wasted.


    1. Great point Tami. It’s now been changed, thank you.
      Remember to share using #bookgivingday – can’t wait to see how you take part.


  2. Lovely bookmark — but the link just gives me a blank PDF. Tried both the image and the link below it….


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