A bookmark for potential (& existing) bookworms

Fanfare please ……

This is our first, exclusively designed, bookmark for International Book Giving Day 2014.

It’s a good one!

I love the unique shape of this one from UK illustrator Lucy Eves.

Click on the link below to download & print your own copy. Tuck it into the books you plan to give on International Book Giving Day, use it in your bookshops, schools & libraries to spread the word.

Lucy Eves - IBGD Bookmark

Lucy Eves – Bookmark – to print(pdf)

Visit Lucy on her Twitter account right here.

Are you taking part in International Book Giving Day in 2014? Don’t forget to register here.

About Emma Perry

Picture book writer, represented by Bell Lomax Moreton. Founder of My Book Corner, organiser of International Book Giving Day. Proud member of the Golden Egg Academy, busy scribbling stories of 500 words.

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