Spotlight On: Books for Africa

The simplicity of Books for Africa’s work is attractive. Books for Africa focuses solely on collecting, sorting, shipping, and distributing books to Africa. It relies on volunteers to sort donated books based on subject and age level. After books are shipped to Africa, they are distributed to schools, libraries, and individuals.

Books for Africa is based in the United States, with warehouses in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Atlanta, Georgia. You can support Books for Africa’s work by donating gently used books. See Books for Africa’s website for the shipping address and information about the types of books Books for Africa will accept. In addition, you can support Books for Africa’s efforts by donating money to pay for shipping or by volunteering to sort books at one of Books for Africa’s two warehouses.

Books for Africa is a simple idea, but its impact is transformative. For us, literacy is quite simply the bridge from misery to hope.  –Kofi Annan, former U.N. Secretary-General

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