Book Aid International

First, I want to share this video with you entitled Books Change Lives. This video does an excellent job of conveying the value of books to those living in sub-Saharan Africa.

Book Aid International has been working since 1954 to meet the need for books in sub-Saharan Africa. UK book publishers donate more than 500,000 new books to Book Aid International each year, and Book Aid International ships these books to school and community libraries throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Palestine.

Book Aid International does not accept used books because it has neither the warehouse space nor the funds to store and ship more books than it receives directly from book publishers. For more information about how you can donate money to Book Aid International, see Book Aid International’s website. UK book publishers can learn how to become a book donor here.

About Amy Broadmoore

Amy is a life-long runner and newbie cross country skier and gravel biker. She lives in Duluth, Minnesota, with her husband and three kids.

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