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Bookplate Elys Dolan #BookGivingDay

I know so many of you are already on Instagram, spreading the #BookGivingDay love. So it really was about time that International Book Giving Day joined Instagram too. Here we are.

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#BookGivingDay celebrations


Here’s a whirlwind tour of the fantastic #BookGivingDay acts of generosity I’ve spied so far today…

Haslemere Bookshop in the UK…

A great treasure hunt from Prenderland Books, Bolton UK…

Lots of book giving in Turkey…

Afyon bahcesehir schools in Turkey, take a close look at the lovely book tree…

Afyon Bahçeşehir Koleji ~ Okulöncesi öğretmeni 🏛 ☄Belki de dinozorların nesli tükenmed

and Bandırma in Turkey… Turkey are ALL over #BookGivingDay this year!

Walthamstow, UK…

Another lovely treasure hunt…

At the Mary Rose Museum, UK…

Happy #BookGivingDay 2018!

Elys Dolan BookGivingDay 2018

Happy BookGivingDay 2018!

Are you ready?

I can’t wait to hear about your stories of book giving and receiving across the globe today. And, In case you are stuck for a few ideas, here are a few stories from this year that have already reached us…

Meredith Vigh collected books for a school library in England,

Sarah Broadley collected books for the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh,

  Needy Readers in Sri Lanka have been very busy collecting…


Meanwhile in Turkey…

Book bouquets have been spotted in Australia

Happy Book Giving Day to you all!


Spotlight On: Give A Book

 An inspiring guest post from Adeela Khan, Director of Projects at Give a Book, and a supporter of #BookGivingDay since the very beginning.

Give a Book

Give a Book is a UK based charity with the sole aim of giving books where they will be of particular benefit. Our core belief is that to pass on a good read-to give someone a book-is a transaction of worth.

By working with schools, the local community and partnering with other organisations we provide books to encourage literacy and an enjoyment of reading.
Our books go directly to schools and a range of charities, current projects and recipients include Breakfast Book Clubs, First Story, Reading Ahead, Ellie’s Friends, Prison Family Days, Book Clubs in Schools as well as various individual school and literacy projects.

We send books to Hop, Skip & Jump centres across the UK. Hop, Skip & Jump provide essential emergency respite care for children and young adults with disabilities and SEN. To date, we have sent 250 books to their 5 centres. “Oh my goodness, the books arrived today and wow…Christmas has arrived early for these guys, they were truly overjoyed!”

Give a BookFirst Story helps foster creativity and literacy skills through a range of programmes in schools in low income communities. The First Story Festival brings school students together for two days of talks and events with professional authors. We regularly donate books for the Festival: “I don’t think I’ve seen a book stall so joyously mobbed – it was fantastic to have it there for the students, and to see their enthusiasm for books and reading”

For Breakfast Book Clubs we provide books for children to read with their breakfast. All the primary schools we work with have a high proportion of pupils from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. These children often have little or no access to books or writing materials at home.

Since 2013, we have set up 23 breakfast book clubs and received great feedback. There has been important research into the effects of breakfast clubs on learning, so we are keen to continue this project.

In our School Library Projects we help set up a library space for those who often don’t have access to books at home. This has helped encourage reading for pleasure and nurture a reading culture at the schools.

“The new library is a breath of fresh air for our school! It is impossible not to notice just how inspired the children are to spend time there now… They love choosing books and I often see them finding a quiet spot to read. Thank you for the transformation!”

We source new books at cost price, then package and post them to the various charities and schools. You can easily help us — simply donate to Give a Book via our website and we will do the rest. Every £5 donation gives a book to someone who really needs one.

International Book Giving Day is a fabulous idea and a great excuse to pass on that good read, make a donation and help someone else enjoy the pleasure of books, because reading really does matter!

Give a Book

Bookmark & Bookplate for #BookGivingDay 2018

Bookplate Elys Dolan #BookGivingDay

14th February is fast approaching.

Elys Dolan, official illustrator for #BookGivingDay2018 has created a wonderful bookmark and bookplate.

These are FREE to download, print and tuck into the books you gift on #BookGivingDay.

Tag us – @bookgivingday & @elysdolan – on Social Media so we can see what you’re up to!

Bookplate Elys Dolan #BookGivingDay

{Click to download printable version (PDF file) }


#BookGivingDay - Bookmark - ElysDolan

{ Click to download printable version (PDF file) }