Three simple ways to celebrate International Book Giving Day!

1. Give a Book to a Friend or Relative.

Celebrate International Book Giving Day by giving a child a new, used or borrowed book.

2. Leave a Book in a Waiting Room or Lobby.

Choose a waiting room where kids are stuck waiting and there are few to no good books available. Purchase a good book, and deposit your book covertly or overtly in your waiting room of choice. The goal here is to spread the love of reading to kids, so choose a fun book, nothing controversial.

3. Donate a Book.
Wrap up a box of children’s books that your kids have outgrown and get them in the hands of children who could really use a book or two. Donate your books to your local second hand store, library, children’s hospital, or shelter. Alternatively, donate your books to an organization working internationally to get books in the hands of kids, such as Books for Africa.

How will you celebrate International Book Giving Day?

Add your name to the list of individuals giving books for International Book Giving Day!

See We’re Giving Books for the list of individuals giving books for International Book Giving Day.

Email photos of International Book Giving Day celebrations to amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com! We would love to share them on our Photos & Stories page!

80 responses to “Celebrate

  1. This is such an awesome idea. I’ve written a series of books and “Sibo” (the main character) is going to host an event on facebook and encourage all her fans to give books to those who need them – as well as give away her books.

  2. Such a great idea. I live in South Africa and have signed up for the Books for Africa newsletter. I have not heard of them being active in South Africa – even though I am with a newspaper here – and I could not find a contact e-mail address for them. I would appreciate it if you can assist – especially as I would like to include International Book Giving Day in my next newspaper column.

  3. I am going to encourage each of my students (future English teachers), to have a child as a “Valentine’s date” by giving or reading him/her a book.. i’ll tell them to take pictures which they could include in their teaching reading portfolio. :)

  4. this is like the best idea, a lot of people have books at home which they had already read. so they could give it to someone else, so they could enjoy it.Even if you are from different country, like me ( i am from Russia) it will still work for you :)

  5. What a brilliant idea. I had never heard of this before and think it’s brilliant! We donate books to our children’s library but not as often as we should, so this has reminded me to sort out some more and doante them.

      • Hi Kathrine, I am a Barefoot Books Ambassador and set up my “shop” at a variety of community events, schools, libraries and farmers’ markets throughout the year. I also do home parties and lead a team of other women with their own book businesses around the country. You can find out more on my website at http://www.BarefootBookNook.com. Cheers, Dena

  6. Thank you for this lovely initiative! I’m putting the badge up on my company website – http://www.schoolsnmore.com with a short write-up. Hope its ok that I’m including an image of Todd Parr’s wonderful bookplate as well (with no alterations and correctly attributed). Will also add to our facebook page to encourage anyone who follows our posts to join in. On a personal front, my kids will select a few books from their overfull bookshelves to donate to our local library.

  7. Dear Amy, we are a medium sized publishing outfit based in Enugu, southeast Nigeria. We specialise in publishing affordable books for children. We will be intetested in taking active part in the 2013 and beyond International Book Giving Day. We have been involved in giving out books to schools in rural areas for the past ten years to encourage good reading culture. The task is however daunting.

    This year, we intend to partner with one or two media outfits here in Enugu to draw attention to this noble objective of giving books to childten and the youth for life long reading habit and for sustainable development.

    We will be very pleased to have us listed as one of the organisations in the world that takes seriously the issue of giving out books to children for the development of good reading culture. The Nigerian govetnment at different levels only pay leap service to this all important objective and we are out to make the difference. We need your support. Thanks. Laz Chukwukelu – President

  8. Donating some of my books was important to me. Eventhough it’s not been easy, I just loved the experience of giving a book I love to someone I care.

  9. You may want flowers and chocolates, but a true heart gives a child a book.
    I braved the rain (it was torrential) and popped up the stairs.
    Left a few books and some smiling faces: “ooh is that new books?” squeaked one of the girls.
    I slipped back out with a smile on my face :)

    I braved the rain and then again, I walked a mile to get a smile.
    The best moment was finding a 7 year old girl who wants to be an author – that made my day.

    There are a few more here:


  10. AWESOME IDEA AMY! Thank you so much for your efforts to organize this fabulous day of sharing a book and helping to instill the love of reading (and learning) in children everywhere. I am celebrating by giving books to my niece and nephew, as well as neighborhood children today. Happy Reading to young and old around the world!

  11. Our elementary school library helped each student give a new book to a classmate as a sweeter than sweet celebration today. Love comes in many flavors, not just chocolate kisses and candy hearts!

  12. Few days ago, on the day of Valentine day, i gave a book to my sister. it was “Crime and Punishment ” which translated into Korean. my sister lived in the Philippiens for 6 years so i felt like she is forgetting her mother language. that is the reason why i gave it her. she liked it and she is reading it now :)

  13. As a school, we are planning on giving each one of our students a book. As a school with many vulnerable students, we recognize the necessity of putting books in kids hands.
    (This is the second year we will be participating!)

    As well, closer to Earth Day, we will be hosting a “Read and Recycle” event at our school, where children can ‘trade’ books, so that each child goes home with some ‘new to them’ books.

    • No worries Claudia. Great to have you on board. Look out for some exclusive bookmarks which will be added to the website very soon.

  14. Great idea! I donate often to various causes and in honor of International Book Giving Day will randomly hand one of my award winning books HENRY YOU’RE LATE AGAIN! and HENRY YOU’RE HUNGRY AGAIN? to a child (when I’m doing school visits for I love to Read month) and ask them to “give it away” to someone who could use it.

  15. I am sending 3 books to my sister who recently took a role as an education assistant. This way she will understand the significance of the day, and my 4 children will receive a surprise book from me.

    • Oooo Florentine!! We are big fans of yours – great to have you on board!!

      Please get in touch if you feel you could help us out in 2015!

  16. What a wonderful idea! Participating from Fiji,
    PS I left the ‘continent’ in the form blank, but the default was Africa. I do realise Fiji isn’t in Africa ;)

  17. Yesterday we drove back and forth frantically from wharehouse to our small office in the city, sorting, filtering, numbering and arranging books for today’s celebration. We were able to hand 760 books to children in Fiji’s peri-urban areas in the Capital City.

    We are thoroughly grateful to be a part of this celebration and plan to do it again next year!

    • It’s great to have you on board Mere. 760 books? That is awesome!

      Exited to know that you will be celebrating with us again next year! Here’s to 2015!!

  18. This year my boyfriend and me did not celebrate Valentine’s Day, I gave him a book and we celebrate the International Day of giving books this way. Boys are eternal children ;-) – Prague legends from František Langer (1965). International book giving day is good idea. It is pity that czech books are not so much international ;-)

    Country: Czech Republic

  19. Outstanding post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this
    subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Many thanks!

  20. Hi. I came across this website whilst looking for posters that promote book activities. This is a great initiative! I will read every content published here.
    You mentioned that the International Book Giving Day 2013 was celebrated in Malaysia. Do you have a list of organisations/charity involved in that celebration? Would like to get in touch with them. Thanks!

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