You are invited to download and print these bookplates for free. We would love to have you afix them to books you give to kids for International Book Giving Day. That is exactly what they were made for. It is not ok to sell these bookplates or alter the images in any way. Thank you for respecting these artists’ artwork.

If you would like to purchase bookplates rather than print them yourself, you can do so at our International Book Giving Day Zazzle page.

Thank you very much Todd Parr and Priya Kuriyan for designing these International Book Giving Day bookplates!

Todd Parr bookplate

Todd Parr bookplates – to print (pdf)

creative commons license

international book giving day poster by priya kuriyan

Priya Kuriyan bookplate – to print (pdf)

creative commons license

34 responses to “Bookplates

    • Wonderful, Mumul! You can send it to me via email at amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com. Ideally, it will be a pdf file with a resolution of 300 dpi. Thanks! -Amy

  1. If the event is International why not having book plate in the most spoken languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin… It’s just an observation

    • This has been on my mind as well. We would welcome bookplates in other languages! I think one or two illustrators are creating bookplates in Spanish, but there are several other languages yet to be claimed.

      Would you be interested in creating International Book Giving Day stickers in other widely spoken languages for our Zazzle store? This is a 100% volunteer initiative and we would appreciate your help in making it more international!


    • Hiya Annie!
      That is a really great point :)
      I created one of the bookplates above, and if I can get the correct translations I would be happy to create alternative versions.

      I have got in touch with my friends who speak fluent Spanish and Mandarin, and have asked if anyone can double check my French and Spanish, to ask for their assistance, and I’ll get back to you on this!

      All the best,

      • Hi Emma,
        for the French is very easy you can put for: From = De, To = À, This book have been offer to = Ce livre a été offert à, By = De la part de, International Book Giving Day, February 14 = 14 février 2013, Journée internationale de don de livres, Reading, makes you feel good = Lire, me rend heureux.
        I hope this will help… and thanks for the bookplates!

        All the best ,

      • Thank you, Annie!

        Could you translate one more thing for us? (Did we mention that this is a 100% volunteer initiative?) We would love to create a French version of the poster, but we need to know how to say the following in French:

        “Celebrate International Book Giving Day this February 14th!
        Give a book to a child.
        Leave a book in a waiting room [for a child to read].
        Donate a book [to a charity of your choice].”

  2. This is such a great initiative. I work for Room to Read and trying to use this idea for a fundraiser. Will share my story with you as soon as I know how it is moving forward!

    • Fantastic! Please, submit your fundraiser to our event directory, which I will get up and running soon: You are also welcome to send me an email at amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com. As the day grows near, we will be encouraging people to share pictures and stories via Instagram and Twitter by tagging them #giveabook and by emailing them to me so that I can share them on this website.

  3. Stumbled across your site by accident but, what a fantastic idea! I run a charity that is currently aiming to set up a travelling library for needy children in Algeria. I’m really hoping to participate and use this to aid our book collecting efforts-will add our event soon!.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I’m glad you appreciated my translation! And yes I know it’s a volunteer effort! It’s my pleasure. So for “Celebrate International Book Giving Day this February 14th! = Célébrez la journée internationale du don de livres le 14 février!, Give a book to a child = Offrez un livre à un enfant, Leave a book in a waiting room [for a child to read] = Laissez un livre dans une salle d’attente (pour qu’un enfant le lise), Donate a book [to a charity of your choice] = Donnez un livre (à un organisme de charité de votre choix).

    My translations are probably not perfect since I’m not a translator but I think it reflect what you want to say.

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  8. HI! Love the bookplates! I am writing a post about book giving day over at May I display the images on my site and link them over to here?

    • Yes, and thank you! You are welcome to share the images for the purpose of getting the word out about International Book Giving Day. Just be sure to not alter the images and give credit to the illustrators.

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